Church of St. Mary of Consolation (St. Augustine)

The first record of S. Maria della Consolazione, commonly known as the church of S. Agostino, dates back to 1613, a time when Count Scipione de Curtis donated a rustic estate to the Discalced Hermits of the order of S. Agostino to build a church there.

The date 1615 is engraved on the piperno lintel of the main entrance. Inside, decorations were largely carried out in the second half of the nineteenth century. The beautiful high altar, richly worked in marble, is from the 18th century with two angel heads on either side. Above is the canvas of St. Mary of Consolation ('600). Another large canvas, also from the seventeenth century, depicts some saints. Again,worthy of note, are two splendid symmetrical portals in red marble from France. Immediately after the entrance to the church, on the left, is the tomb of the servant of God Joseph D'Antonio, rector of the church from 1901 to 1925. The most important paintings in the church are " The Flight into Egypt" and the canvas of St. Augustine. On the side walls are two other canvases, possibly from the early 1600s, with episodes from the life of the saint. On the three portals of the spacious sacristy, built with monumental walnut-wood stigmas, the coat of arms in relief of the Augustinians "a burning heart pierced by a lance surmounted by a crown." The church in the 1700s reached its heyday. Positioned along the ancient Via delle Calabria, today Corso Resina, close to the famous Vesuvian villas that sprang up in the area at that time, it was known as the church of the lords as it was attended by the Neapolitan aristocracy who lived or vacationed  in Resina and Portici. The church was officiated by the Augustinians until the order was suppressed in the 1800s as a result of the anti-religious measures ordered by Bonaparte.


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Chiesa di Santa Maria della Consolazione (Sant'Agostino)

Corso Resina, 15, 80056 Ercolano NA

Corso Resina, 15, 80056 Ercolano NA

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